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Parabiago Collezioni, started in 1999 by three founding partners, Thierry Rabotin, Giovanna Ceolini and Karl Schlecht. The idea was to offer a very comfortable shoe to a high-end market segment, with meticulous attention to detail in the making, and characterised by ingenious inventiveness. That is the premise on which the Thierry Rabotin brand was created, a brand whose worldwide growth is confirmed today by the presence in the most prestigious stores across the globe. As testified by opening of the single brand boutique in Paris, Rome, New York and Beijing.


Thierry was born in Thollet, a small village in the center-west of France in the early fifties. The designer worked many years in women’s and children’s wear. In the 1978 decided to follow his passion and dedicate his time to the creation of shoes. He had the firm idea to create a pair of shoes that were elegant, but able to give the sensation of walking barefoot. Sadly the “maestro” died in august 2017, but his art continues to walk with us.


Giovanna is the practical soul of the company. She was born in Legnano, and has spent her entire life working in the shoe world. In the 1982 she met Thierry, and that encounter forever changed her life. After a many years of collaboration, the two friends met Karl, and all together launched themselves into the shoe adventure holding their ideas of making comfortable and elegant shoes.


Karl represents the international and globe trotter soul of the company. He has spent his early life selling and buying shoes in his beloved country of Austria, and after meeting Giovanna and Thierry he found a certain complicity of intellectual intent so he dedicated his future to join them in chasing their goals together.

Fabulous 8

1. Design Follows Function
“I love to design shoes that envelope the foot, giving the sensation of walking barefoot” (Thierry Rabotin). This is our Mission, this is our Goal. At Thierry Rabotin Footwear we never submit our client’s wellness to the design, the design always follows function.

2. The Last – the form on which Thierry Rabotin footwear is created
Our lasts are intentionally asymmetrical following the anatomy of the foot. They are hand carved in intricate detail to support and respect basic form and function. The hourglass shape allows for a true fit from heel to toe, taking pressure off the instep to allow you to stride comfortably through the day with confidence.

3. The Heel – designed for Thierry Rabotin by stylist Massimo Balbini
The common thread among the variety of heel shapes and heights in the collection is the fact each is designed and placed to support the body’s center of gravity. The base of each design is wide enough to reduce tension on the foot’s tendons, thus reducing fatigue and the chances of inflammation.

4. The Wedges – A construction that places Thierry Rabotin on another level.
The wedges are all hand milled, in micro rubber - an elastic material that reduces the impact with every step. The surface of the wedge is calculated for all sizes, so that the foot has the widest possible walking surface, also giving a slight ankle support. A small hollow houses the heel thus preventing the foot from sliding forward, and guaranteeing the weight to be equally distributed.

5. The Sole – a variety of soles for a variety of styles

  • Leather: 4mm thick, tanned in Italy with maximum respect for the environment with non-slip rubber inserts to increase durability and give more flexibility to the sole.
  • Micro-foam rubber: used in a wide variety of colors, shapes and thicknesses. It is a flexible lightweight material that makes walking much less tiring.
  • XL Extralight ©: lighter than the micro-foam rubber. Its similar characteristics allows us to create shoes that are even lighter to minimize stress and maximize comfort.

    6. The Materials
    Leathers are sourced from the best Italian and French tanneries and processed with the utmost respect for the environment. Microfiber Lycra, featured on a variety of Thierry Rabotin footwear, is lightweight, flexible and durable. Sourced in a variety of fashion colors, the microfiber hugs the foot gently and allows for maximum range of motion.

    7. Unseen Materials
    Hidden materials such as tips and insoles are components that really make the difference in the product. Thierry Rabotin footwear is lined with the brand’s signature blue nappa (lamb) leather. It is hypoallergenic and has been manufactured as such to ensure the absence of chrome V, a toxic chemical commonly found in the tanning process. Insoles are covered with a layer of Poron ©, a supportive, shock absorbent material that cushions the foot even after long term wear. Technical information can be found at www.rogerscorp.com or at www. poroncushioning.com

    8. The weight – or lack there of
    This is the feature that surprises all those who touch Thierry Rabotin footwear for the first time. Our lightest shoe in production weights just over 100g.- 3.5oz Lightness is a fundamental part of wellness. A person on average takes from 4000 to 5000 steps per day. With Thierry Rabotin shoes weighing between 300-500grams less than traditional footwear, the result is less joint stress as one’s legs will have lifted close to 2 tons less throughout the day.


    The creation of Thierry Rabotin shoes requires a high level of craftsmanship that no technological resource can replace. Handcrafting is a challenge to the most experienced shoemakers. The artisans at Thierry Rabotin are careful to preserve the centuriesold heritage of handmade methods while incorporating modern research, design and technology into each pair.

    The “SACCHETTO” manufacturing process allows the making of particularly comfortable footwear. This process, which follows the oldest conventions of the Italian shoemaking tradition, is divided into up to two hundred steps, each of which requires exceptional skill and dexterity, experience and expertise. During the stitching phase, the lining is attached to the leather insole, that enables the shoe to be assembled without rigid parts such as nails, spurs and shanks. The shoe becomes light and enables the foot to move naturally, ensuring the highest grade of comfort.



    Only refined leathers are chosen after a meticulous hand-made selection. Materials include nappa, lambskin smooth kidskin, lizard, snakeskin prints and goatskin. The exception to this principle is found in the details: such as the tongue, edge of the heel and inserts for the upper. Which all are made in elastic microfiber and provides very functional parts to the shoes. The Poron® is used in the insole. Rubber or micro soles are used for the bottoms. The velvet effect buffed leather has injection-poured rubber inserts. The heels are covered in leather, enamelled metallic or given a shiny black effect.


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