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It can rightfully be considered one of the oldest footwear in the world, one of those designs that has surpassed centuries without ever losing its charm: we are talking about the sandal and the characteristics that make it a unique object, even among Thierry Rabotin creations.

Just like in ancient times when its history began, the sandal still evokes preciousness and refinement today, but above all, like all footwear that partially exposes the foot, it naturally attracts attention.

The materials and colors are in perfect balance to create the perfect shoe, but it is in the design choices that Thierry Rabotin designers have hidden their magic: walking in these sandals is as pleasant as can be, in line with the philosophy of the fashion house. All of this is achieved through meticulous adjustments and a flexible and lightweight rubber sole that accompanies and cushions the impact of each step. Soft tassels and suede leather, ranging from traditional colors to more characterful choices, caress the foot.

The lightweight and easy-going nature of this shoe make it the ideal counterpart for leisure time, especially during the summer, for city walks or moments of relaxation. However, the sandal defies common rules and can be paired with any outfit, even for special occasions.

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Elegance and magnetism are elements present in every variation of Thierry Rabotin sandals, and they can undoubtedly be paired with linen trousers, lightweight jeans, or a beautiful cotton skirt. If we envision them as the centerpiece of a more casual evening, there are options with a thin heel, perfect to match with a lightweight dress, or with a higher heel for more glamorous occasions.

What unites all the designs is their versatility and maximum comfort. Thanks to the craftsmanship mastery, they are starting points that blend magnificently with the elegance of style and the preciousness of the materials.

It's that detail that can add an extra touch of magic: comfort and freedom in the most seductive shoe ever.

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