Mocassin, “classic” is not a synonym for “boring”

The moccasin is meant to be a casual shoe

What makes a moccasin truly unmistakable, what makes it a "unique" piece among modern footwear?

The moccasin, originally designed as leisure footwear, stands out for being made of soft leather and without laces. 

If I imagine the best moccasin in the world, what needs must it absolutely meet?

The moccasin is meant to be a casual shoe, and regardless of the material and color used in its creation, it must be versatile enough to be worn with utmost freedom on various occasions and at different times.

Are there preferred materials in crafting the moccasin?

The materials used to create the Rabotin moccasin include our luxurious and velvety suede, incredibly soft nappa leather, naturally elastic and thin patent leather, all lined with nappa leather and equipped with rubber foam soles.


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What creative liberties did the designers at TR take in creating the maison's model?

There are many creative liberties allowed in this type of footwear: from the classic clean-cut moccasin to a strap with "eyelets" or crafted with smooth elastic bands or adorned with metal accessories, acetate, or crystals, bows and leather or metal tassels, all meant to make it suitable for a myriad of occasions.

 Is there a preferred outfit or occasion to wear moccasins?

Depending on the style, color, or material, moccasins can be paired with jeans or a pair of Bermuda shorts, or worn under a cigarette trouser suit, or as it's currently in fashion, with wide-legged trousers. The choice of matching a black suede model with jeweled tassels is perfect for the evening!


First of all we’d like to point out that “classic” by no means is a synonym for “boring”. In Thierry Rabotin’s collections there are always plenty of classic shoes for ladies that stand out for the way they are able to rethink tradition in a way that is appealing to all kinds of women. 

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