Italian shoe company Thierry Rabotin and its high-quality production

Meet the Italian shoe company Thierry Rabotin

The Italian shoe company Thierry Rabotin is widely known all over the world for its top-tier, comfortable footwear. No high-end brand cares more about the well-being of its clients' feet than this Italian one, and that's why our team spends so much time trying to figure out new ways to create shoes that are equal parts art and functionality. 

Our constant dedication to customers' comfort is what got our Italian shoe company to be considered one of the best in the footwear industry on an international level, so much so that plenty of our clients live outside the Country. 

Whenever someone is looking for a fashionable yet highly wearable pair of shoes, Thierry Rabotin is one of the first choices. 

Thierry Rabotin, the story of the Italian shoe company

The Italian shoe company Thierry Rabotin was established 22 years ago when in 1999, the three founding partners decided to bring to life a new high-end brand whose signature pieces would be designer shoes easy to wear every day

Late designer Thierry Rabotin and entrepreneurs Giovanna Ceolini and Karl Schlecht agreed early on what the direction of their brand would be and immediately conquered the market with their game-changer ideas. 

Another important thing they didn't need to discuss was the location of their Italian shoe company. The factory where all of our footwear pieces are created is based in Parabiago, a Lombardy town a few kilometres from Milan, which is perfect for this kind of business for many reasons. 

Lombardy, in fact, is not only at the very heart of the world's fashion industry, but it's also an area well-known for its renowned shoemaking tradition. It was only natural to capitalise on all this experience and potential. 

What makes Italian shoe company Thierry Rabotin so special

Many unique characteristics help Italian shoe company Thierry Rabotin stand out from most other high-end brands, and we are more than happy to point them out for you. 

First of all, our entire production is handmade. In our Italian shoe company, work some of the most talented and experienced shoemakers in the industry, and the result is the best quality footwear you'd ever try on. What makes our shoes so comfortable, though, is a technique of our invention, the sacchetto method, which is inspired by the century-long tradition we've talked about earlier. 

Italian footwear company


Another important feature of our production is the materials we use. For the external parts of its products, the Italian shoe company Thierry Rabotin employs only top-tier leathers such as Nappa and kidskin. However, also the parts clients can't see are fabricated with the best of the best materials. 

Lastly, we'd like to spend a little time on the design of our shoes. Classical, original, elegant, coloured, trendy, evergreen, all these apparently clashing adjectives can be used to describe the production of our Italian shoe company. Thierry Rabotin's designs are known for their uniqueness and appreciated for their adaptability to any kind of circumstances, from the most formal to the most casual ones.

Take a look at our online shop, and you'll see for yourself what makes Thierry Rabotin the number one Italian shoe company!

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