Italian casual sneakers: meet Fifty-12 brand new proposals

Thierry Rabotin has something to say even on Italian casual sneakers

Most people still think that Thierry Rabotin is a brand that only makes elegant designer shoes, the ones you expect to see in a red carpet Hollywood event, to be more precise. Although they are not wrong - after all, we have provided iconic pieces to the most famous singers and actors in the world for decades now - our company is much more than just that, even though that is incredibly impressive. 

The Thierry Rabotin family has recently welcomed a new collection dedicated to young customers who like to be stylish even in everyday settings. We are talking about Fifty-12, the best line of Italian casual sneakers you can find out there.

If you want to buy Italian casual sneakers that are not only a pleasure to wear all-day-long but also designed by some of the biggest names in the footwear industry, you should definitely take a look at Thierry Rabotin’s e-commerce and all its unique proposals. 

Are you looking for Italian casual sneakers? Fifty-12 is here for you!

Whatever kind of Italian casual sneakers you're looking for, Fifty-12 has the right pair for you, providing that you like footwear characterised by a unique design and innovative lines, of course! After all, every one of our products is made to leave a lasting impression on the market and - primarily - on our customers' hearts. 

The main reason why so many people are ready to give Thierry Rabotin Italian casual sneakers a chance is the high quality of all the brand's handmade creations. Who already knows our products has been nothing less than thrilled to be able to buy shoes for their free time and not only for their most formal occasions. 

To make the Italian casual sneakers in our collections, we employ the same state-of-the-art techniques we've developed over the years for our more classic lines. This means that walking around in our products is always a pleasure. 

Whatever activity you are planning to do while wearing our Italian casual sneakers, your feet will be delighted, even if you are considering an hours-long shopping spree; you have our word!

Italian casual sneakers by Thierry Rabotin: our picks for you

Choosing a pair of our Italian casual sneakers is not an easy task by any means, given that the Fifty-12 collection includes many models that are already considered iconic. That's why we would like to share with you some of our favourite ones.

Women who love to be stylish all the time will surely love Alma Gold Cocco, a leather model with a huge personality. With this pair of shoes on your feet, it'll be easy to feel like there's nothing you can't achieve. 

Anita Rainbow is another excellent example of how our Italian casual sneakers can boost everyone's energy. They're extra light and made with top-tier materials, which makes them perfect for very active wearers. 

But Fifty-12 also cares for its male customers! Take a look at our Baldo Electric Blue and tell us if you've ever seen anything like it. The bold colour and modern design make Baldo one of our male collection's most sought-after Italian casual sneakers. 

Italian Casual Sneakers


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