Thierry Rabotin Made in Italy ballet flats are the image of elegance and grace

Ballet flats Made in Italy

Every woman has been in love with Made in Italy ballet shoes since childhood

There are timeless shoes that accompany a woman from her school days well into her adult life; it doesn’t happen often but when it does, when we can find a constant like this, the joy we get is priceless. Buying again and again different versions of a model we loved in our childhood feels like we’ve never stopped wearing our favourite pair of shoes. 

Made in Italy ballet flats, for example, are probably every little girl’s first shoe-love, the one pair of shoes we bought for the most important occasion in our young lives. They made us feel grown up and told us the story of a world made of grace, elegance, and lightness. We put them on and we were ballerinas, what could ever beat that?

And as we grew up the love for Made in Italy ballet flats never really left us. Now that we are older - and most of us have accepted that we’ll never perform on a stage in a cloud-like tutu - this type of shoes has also become a link to the wide-eyed child we once were. It’s a subtle, sweet kind of femininity they spoke about, one that is part of us just any other shade of our womanhood. 

Thierry Rabotin sells the best Made in Italy ballet flats

If you are looking for Made in Italy ballet flats that are just as high-quality as they are beautiful, you should follow our suggestion and pay a visit to Thierry Rabotin official store online. In our collection there is always room for this evergreen type of shoes. 

Ballet flats Made in Italy

As we were saying, in Thierry Rabotin catalogue there are several Made in Italy ballet flats that we’re sure will catch your eyes; one of our favourite, though, is super classic and super classy Argi. Made of pink perlized Nappa leather they are the perfect pair of shoes for every kind of casual occasion. 

Two other pairs that will win you over are colourful Narni and elegant Galliano. To produce them we employ the softest Italian leather and the famous technologies developed by the Thierry Rabotin team, characteristics that make them a treat not only to the eye but especially to the feet. 

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