A Thierry rabotin, the best gift one could wish for



The new collection of women's winter shoes made in Italy that Thierry Rabotin's designers have come up with is one of the most unique and ambitious so far. It includes a lot of original yet elegant models anyone would be delighted to wear and not only because of their fine design. 

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Fall Winter Collection

Discover Graziella, Magby, Rellor, Ria, Romane and Serra

One of the most important qualities of our women's winter shoes made in Italy is their wearability. Thierry Rabotin offers the most comfortable high-end products on the market, thanks to its famous sacchetto method, the technique our artisans use to make our shoes just as comfortable as they are beautiful. 

When you visit Thierry Rabotin's online shop, you can see why women's winter shoes made in Italy get us so excited. There are so many new arrivals it's impossible not to find your perfect match.

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