The best sneakers from Italy are the ones by Thierry Rabotin

Sneakers Made in Italy

Thierry Rabotin is the brand you want for high-quality sneakers from Italy

Who would have thought, just a few years back, that in order to buy the best sneakers from Italy one would need to go to a designer brand best known for its elegant footwear? Recently, Thierry Rabotin has launched Fifty-12, a new line dedicated to a more casual and younger audience that has already won over shoe lovers all over the world. 

What inspired our designer to work at the Fifty-12 collection is the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to wear interesting and stylish footwear even in more casual settings. Our sneakers from Italy are not like any other sneaker you are used to seeing on people’s feet, but high-end products carefully designed to appeal to fashion enthusiasts all around the world. 

Moreover, Fifty-12 and its sneakers from Italy have given us the opportunity to engage with a new audience: men. Our new line includes models made not only for women but also for male clients, something we’ve always wanted to explore in some capacity. And the response has been incredible so far!

What makes Thierry Rabotin sneakers from Italy so unique and special

Leather sneakers made in Italy

The most important thing you want to know before buying our sneakers from Italy is that you won’t get just cool shoes, designed to leave a mark on the footwear industry, but also high-quality products that value comfort over look

Thierry Rabotin sneakers from Italy are made with top-tier materials and patented techniques that allow us to obtain light and easy-to-wear shoes. After all, the search for the highest possible level of comfort has always been at the forefront of all our company’s endeavors. 

Innovation is also a key characteristic of our sneakers from Italy. One of the most interesting new entries of our latest collection is the sabot- sneaker, a type of shoe you can wear both as a classic sneaker and as a trendy sabot. 

Interested in discovering Thierry Rabotin’s entire selection of sneakers from Italy? Then, you should take a look at our online store.

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