Italian shoemakers and their importance to Thierry Rabotin’s success

The secret of high-end footwear? Italian shoemakers' talent, of course!

Italy has been known for the quality of its high-end shoes for so long that the footwear industry somehow has become one of a plethora of attractions that draw people from all over the world each year. As a result, our most famous cities are always full to the brim with tourists who have come not only to see with their own eyes Italy's artistic and natural beauties but also to visit its exclusive boutiques

Before the fashion industry's big names and their groundbreaking products, though, there was the country's century-long tradition of craftsmanship, the real reason behind the enormous success of today's Italian shoemakers. Even now, without the skills of the many artisans that work for the best footwear designers, it wouldn't be possible to achieve the quality everyone likes so much. 

After all, it is no mystery that people in the footwear sector come from all around the globe to learn the secrets of Italian shoemakers in order to improve the quality of their own production. The meticulous attention to details, the clever use of high-quality materials, and the skilful use of state-of-the-art technology and traditional equipment are all elements of the particular brand of Italian shoemakers' expertise that the whole world would love to reach. 

Knowing all this, Parabiago Collezioni has always relied on the best-trained craftsmen to manufacture the entirety of our catalogue. It would be a shame to be one of the few still standing 100% Made in Italy footwear companies and not take advantage of the superior abilities of Italian shoemakers, wouldn't it?

There wouldn't be Thierry Rabotin products without Italian shoemakers

It would be impossible to achieve the level of comfort and design originality typical of every Thierry Rabotin model without Italian shoemakers' broad skillset. To create footwear that is equal parts functional and fashion statement, one needs to hire experts that know every technical secret of their profession

Thierry Rabotin is known everywhere in the world for its extremely comfortable yet stylish high-end footwear. Over the years, the products included in the brand's much-praised collections have become must-haves sought by celebrities, influencers and fashion lovers; and one of the reasons for this international popularity can be found undoubtedly in the way they are crafted by the best Italian shoemakers out there.  

What best exemplifies the importance of Italian shoemakers to our company's production is the "sacchetto" method, the unique technique we use to create all our models. To employ a two-hundred-step working method, we need to rely on the craft of our incredible employees, the best artisans you can think of. 

Italian shoemakers are essential to keep providing Parabiago Collezioni's clients with the top-tier products we are known for; that's why we are one of the few companies whose entire production is completely local-based. 

Visit our official website to know everything about our company and our techniques. Here, you can also find a link to Thierry Rabotin online store if you want to be the first to purchase your favourite pair of shoes from our latest Spring-Summer collection!

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