The new Thierry Rabotin collections at Micam 2023: the Timeless collection debuts

Exactly one month has passed since the last edition of Micam Milano, held as per tradition at the Milan - Rho Fiera from 19 to 22 February 2023, the true center of gravity of taste, trends and innovations in the footwear sector worldwide. An unmissable appointment, once again back to full potential after the pandemic-induced stoppages, promoting the centrality of Made in Italy within a sector that is always dynamic and ready to amaze.

Thierry Rabotin could not be absent from this wonderful exhibition with its novelties and models created for the new collections. Inside the stand set up to welcome visitors from all over the world there was a lot of activity, a sign of the great enthusiasm that accompanies each new release. Once again, "historical" customers and those who were not had pleasant surprises from the creative department of the maison, the TR 2023 models and the new collections Travel, Maison, the Fifty-12 line of trainers but above all the Timeless line, presented as a preview on this important occasion.

"This season we have focused even more on following the needs of each woman in her everyday life, trying to create technical and stylistic solutions that are in line with our tradition," Thomas Schlecht introduces us to the new creations of the family fashion house, "and at the same time are a sign of projection towards the most current demands. I must say that this approach of ours has been enthusiastically received by our customers."

Karl Schlecht, Giovanna Ceolini and Thomas Schlecht

Karl Schlecht, Giovanna Ceolini and Thomas Schlecht

The common denominator of Parabiago’s creations has been confirmed in the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, the true flagship of a philosophy that has always distinguished our productions. In particular, the ambition is to be the best possible shoe for women in every situation, from the most exclusive to the most dynamic, from the domestic context to the work and social context; a shoe that is elegant and always pleasant to wear, almost to forget you have it on your feet.


TR Collection    

"Accompanying our customers at all hours of the day was the guiding idea behind the Thierry Rabotin collection," says TR designer Massimo Balbini. "It was born with the idea of creating shoes that are comfortable, beautiful and with functional details, never an end in themselves, for example through the use of ribbons, elastic bands. Shoes that reveal several souls, from the more rock to the more figurative inspirations".

Couture Collection

The line that accompanies women on their most elegant outings, from a romantic dinner to a social date, to theater or cinema, demonstrates the timeless appeal of TR's classic models, designed with the utmost attention to detail and the highest quality materials.


The real novelty of the TR show for this year is certainly represented by the collection of iconic models from the history of the maison, the most loved and successful through the years and always in the hearts of our customers, revisited, renewed and made more contemporary to be appreciated also by a new generation of women. "The aim, as Monsieur Rabotin used to say, is to make every woman who wears my shoes smile," recalls Balbini, still emphasising the pleasant and welcoming sensation that must accompany the wearing of a Thierry Rabotin. 


In these times of great dynamism, a collection could not be lacking that was specifically geared to be a companion for women travelling from one place to another, but always with the utmost elegance and that necessary concept of softness and elasticity in the creation of the model, precisely to meet the naturally stressful context of travel. Models that are easy to match and have the widest versatility.

Maison Collection

The last, most intimate moment of the day is perhaps the one that closes it, when the need for comfort and the choice of footwear falls on the most pleasant: the Maison collection is dedicated to this specific moment, slippers made of merino wool and kashmir.


The customer can choose the ultra-soft sneakers from the Fifty-12 line, extroverted and refined at the same time, for their free time; the Rabotin philosophy is also fully respected in these models if one thinks of the functional details and the choices based on maximum comfort thanks to the materials chosen for the upper, the absence of reinforcements and the presence of an internal layer in Memory Foam which acts as a shock -absorption that always gives the sensation of walking in a new shoe.

The public that visited the Parabiago Collezioni stand was certainly gratified by the style choices and the many novelties proposed at this edition of Micam, balanced between great tradition, technological evolution and sensitivity to the customer's search for the pleasure of wearing shoes. This is well summed up in the words of Karl Schlecht: "Our new ideas, in particular the Timeless, Travel and Maison collections were a pleasant discovery for everyone and left on their faces what we were looking for most of all: a smile."