Moccasin, the must-have for Summer

Versatility and refinement in a single pair of shoes

The moccasin is a shoe that stands out in the modern footwear landscape for its uniqueness. Originally designed as a leisure shoe, the moccasin is made from soft leathers and is lace-free, making it comfortable and practical. But what truly makes a moccasin special, especially during the Summer?

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First and foremost, the ideal moccasin must be versatile, suitable for multiple situations. Whether it's morning or evening, by the sea or in the city, the moccasin must guarantee freedom of movement and comfort. The materials are fundamental: our moccasins, for instance, are made of velvety suedes and ultra-soft nappa leathers. Internally, they feature soles made from high-quality materials to maximize walking comfort and breathability, essential during the warmer months.

The designers at TR Maison have fully embraced creative freedom in the creation of their moccasins, offering models that range from classic to modern. For example, the Gotsu was specifically designed to make your days out in the city fun, and with its stunning yellow color, it is a true ode to Summer and bright outfits, perfectly matching a midi linen dress or, on cooler evenings, a light cardigan in a neutral shade like beige or cream: it will be a vibrant touch of color that will turn heads during a seaside stroll, a summer brunch, or an outdoor daytime event.

A versatile choice for all occasions is the classic and timeless white moccasin, like the Goril: it is designed to give you the utmost freedom in outfit choices while simultaneously being a faithful companion for long summer days. You can opt for combinations that are both sophisticated and "fresh," capable of enhancing pastel-colored silk dresses (such as blush pink or lavender), perhaps paired with a light white blazer for an added touch of elegance.

For more formal occasions, a moccasin like our Meicoo can elegantly complete a cigarette pants suit or wide-legged trousers, depending on the preference of the moment.

In conclusion, the summer moccasin is synonymous with versatility and style. With its ability to adapt to different situations and always offer a high level of comfort, it remains an excellent choice for those seeking elegant and functional footwear, especially during the Summer season that encourages us to enjoy numerous outdoor occasions.

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