Fifty-12 are the leather sneakers made in Italy you were waiting for

For high-quality leather sneakers made in Italy, Fifty-12 is there for you

When people hear the name Parabiago Collezioni, the first thing they think about is the brand Thierry Rabotin and its incredible collections of trendy yet comfortable shoes for women. Nevertheless, there is much more about this Italian company than most may assume. 

For example, did you know that we offer an entire line of leather sneakers made in Italy for every person who wants to be stylish even when sporting a more casual look? It is official now: Parabiago Collezioni can really accompany you every step of your life!

The variety of our offerings is so great that it is possible to go about your day wearing only Parabiago Collezioni's shoes; do you need something classy and professional to impress your boss and colleagues? We have the pumps for you! Or are you looking for a nice pair of leather sneakers made in Italy for a weekend with your friends? Well, you guessed right; we can also help with that!

Leather sneakers made in Italy: meet Fifty-12

Fifty-12, with its unique leather sneakers made in Italy, is the latest addition to the big Parabiago Collezioni's family. We decided to introduce this new line because we wanted to offer our clients the chance to wear our products even in their more casual moments. 

Fifty-12 leather sneakers made in Italy come in many different models, which aptly serves our idea of providing the perfect piece of footwear to every single one of you. The choice is so great that one can spend days going through our webshop, trying to decide which pair to buy.

The best characteristic of Fifty-12 leather sneakers made in Italy is that, even though they are designed with more informal occasions in mind, the care and attention with which they're made is the same we're known for our Thierry Rabotin collections. 

After all, the team of designers and artisans that work on both lines is the same; at Parabiago Collezioni, we hire only the best experts in the market, as you can see from the excellence of our final products.

Everyone can find the perfect pair of Fifty-12 leather sneakers made in Italy

To create our leather sneakers made in Italy, we carefully mix high-quality materials and original designs in order to offer to all our international customers the kind of casual footwear they've always wanted. 

The Fifty-12 line includes both men and women leather sneakers made in Italy. Go and take a look at our online store to see if there's anything that catches your eyes; it's your lucky day: we're holding a sale so you can buy all models you want at an incredible price!

Deer leather in all the colours you may dream of and white mash are the main features of Adele, the newest member of Parabiago Collezioni's family. This pair of leather sneakers made in Italy is perfect for all the women who want to be stylish even in their leisure time. 

Men who want the same thing can buy Basileo, a model characterised by an extra light sole and the most comfortable insole.  

Leather sneakers Made in Italy

If you want to go matchy-matchy with your better half, you can surprise them with a pair of leather sneakers made in Italy decorated with our logo; this way, you can show the world your couple affinity and your love for Fifty-12!

Here's where you can buy every leather sneakers made in Italy you need.

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