Labor Day – Men's Day

A special recognition for Karl Schlecht

It was a great pleasure and honor to participate in the traditional celebration of the National Consortium of Saints Crispino and Crispiniano on the last Sunday of October 2023. As every year in Vigevano, a new edition of the special "Fidelity of Labor" award is celebrated, the purpose of which is to thank workers for the hard work and commitment with which, for a lifetime, they contribute to the development of civil society.

The Consortium, which traces its origins back to the distant 17th century when the Confraternity of Shoemakers was established, has a rich and prestigious history and a no less fruitful charitable activity that has distinguished it throughout the years until today. Every year, in fact, the Consortium promotes the collection of shoes among its entrepreneurial members, which allows them to be in solidarity with those who are less fortunate. It is then of recent years (since 1981) the creation of the "Loyalty to Work" award that has as its symbols the mantle, the badge with the Consortium's coat of arms and the parchment.

The 2023 edition - celebrated on Sunday, October 22 - saw Karl Schlecht - founding partner of Parabiago Collezioni - among the honorees, who received the insignia as did his wife Giovanna in the past. A recognition for his long career in the world of footwear and commitment at work and in the company. 

We commented with him after the investiture ceremony on the emotions he experienced: "They are many" he tells us, "and while occasions like this allow me to see where I have come, they are also moments when I have the pleasure of meeting again with people I haven´t seen for more than 30 years. A real trip through time."

If you had to choose one memory you are fond of from your life in the world of footwear which one would you choose? "The memories are too many and I have already surrounded myself with so many things that remind me of my journey in the world of shoes: paintings, samples, photos."

What is made in Italy for you now? "It is above all a commitment, as far as I'm concerned it is fundamental to keep this slogan clean."

What goals, what challenges do you think the footwear world needs to face for its future? "The goal remains the combination of tradition and technology. Instead, the challenge is to make people understand the importance of the foot and its "dress."

What instead is a dream of yours to achieve? "Making sure that the name Thierry Rabotin stays in people's heads and feet."

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