Italian pumps: Thierry Rabotin offers the best ones

Italian pumps come from a century-long tradition in shoemaking

There is only one thing footwear experts around the world agree on: no other type of shoes can compare to Italian pumps. The products designed and manufactured in Italy are hugely recognized for their outstanding quality and originality and thus considered by most iconic items to add to any shoe lover's collection. 

Italy's tradition in shoemaking is a long and fascinating one, as it goes back centuries. Maybe this is not the place to talk about the origin of people of our Country's fame as shoemakers; still, it is interesting to notice that even the Italian pumps we can find today in the world's most elegant boutiques owe much to this tradition. 

But why are Italian pumps still attracting so much attention from professionals that work in the fashion industry? Our answer may seem too easy, but what can we say? It's the truth. When it comes to footwear, Italy's design ideas and manufacturing techniques are simply superior

For this reason, there are no other fashion items you should decide to invest your money on; high-end Italian pumps are created by the best in the field and made to last.

Thierry Rabotin offers the best-quality Italian pumps

Parabiago Collezioni is one of the most well-known companies in the Italian footwear industry and one with more ties to our shoemaking tradition. In fact, not only our entire production is still based in Italy, but the bulk of it is made through artisanal techniques. This is enough to create stylish yet practical and comfortable Italian pumps that are coveted everywhere in the world. 

Moreover, our company is greatly appreciated for the wide choice of Italian pumps that we offer to our international clientele. Whichever kind of footwear you're looking for, we are sure that Parabiago Collezioni and its brand Thierry Rabotin have already the perfect pair of shoes waiting for you in one of our stores or in our online shop. 

The Lombard group reunites under the name of Parabiago Collezioni some of today's most important high-end footwear brands, such as Thierry Rabotin and Fifty-12. If you're drawn to the simple elegance of classic Italian pumps, our suggestion to you is to look into Thierry Rabotin's many collections. If, on the other hand, you prefer colourful and dynamic shoes, your perfect match is Fifty-12.

In any case, Thierry Rabotin Italian pumps stand out for their top-tier quality and comfort. As we were saying at the beginning, all the techniques we use to manufacture our shoes are reminiscent of shoemaking artisanal tradition, something that helps a lot achieve our high standard. 

Furthermore, in our team, there are some of the best designers in the world, professionals that every year have the job to come up with new ideas to surprise our clients with. Come and visit our website to see what kind of Italian pumps you should buy to be trendy this summer.


Online you can also find many interesting facts about our company and brands, in addition to all the information you need to reach the store closer to you. We can't wait for you to discover all our beautiful Italian pumps!

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