Here comes summer, the time for Thierry Rabotin fun platform sandals!

fun platform sandals

Have you already taken a look at Thierry Rabotin fun platform sandals?

Summer is the season for fun platform sandals, especially this particular summer. In 2022 all the most important high-end brands in the footwear industry have included in their Spring/Summer collections some version of wedged sandals, so you should really get your hands on at least one pair of them when they are still hot!

If you want to buy fun platform sandals non only to be trendy and cool, but also feel comfortable while wearing them, here’s a very important piece of advice: take a look at what’s new at Thierry Rabotin! On our official online store you can find many wedged sandals that are both fun and a pleasure to walk in. 

Behind our fun platform sandals there is the same passion for the craft of shoemaking Thierry Rabotin has always been known for. All of our models are made with the best materials and state-of-the-art techniques, things that allow our company to provide clients with stylish yet perfectly wearable shoes.

In Thierry Rabotin catalogue there are all the fun platform sandals you need

Thierry Rabotin’s designers have gone overboard this year with their Spring/Summer proposals. This season, there will be room for good things only, that’s what the fun platform sandals they’ve come up with seem to be saying. And, honestly, who needs anything more?

fun platform sandals

If you define fun platform sandals by their design, we are happy to introduce you to Cagliari. The detail that stands out the most in this pair of shoes is the openwork that goes all along the edges of the upper. It’s not something common to come by, so Cagliari is perfect to elegantly make yourself noticed.

Another hit in the fun platform sandals department is Briss. Made of premium satin microfiber and high-quality Nappa leather, Briss is for those women that want to feel stylish all the time. And lastly, who said that wedges count only when they’re high? Bibiana is the perfect example that a subtle detail can add both to the aesthetic and the comfort of a shoe