The Renewed Classic

Thierry Rabotin FW 2023/24 New Collection

The Thierry Rabotin philosophy is clear and defined but in continuous evolution and always aiming for perfection. This ambition, combined with the experience and the hands of our master shoemakers, elevates our Sacchetto construction even further, enhanced by simple, essential styles.
Within the collection we find small gems, all characterized by details that make them special, without losing sight of the harmony of the presentation.

Our Couture Collection is back again this year, designed for our customers who need shoes even for more mundane events, without wanting to give up the well-being guaranteed by our creations. Thierry Rabotin Couture is characterized by tapered, elegant shapes and, as in all our lines, the very first choice of materials, suede, nappa leather and our iconic stiletto heels.

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