Sacchetto Working Method, for a soft hug

Shoes with a Sacchetto construction are an example of craftsmanship and superior quality. They are creations that involve a technique of stitching the upper directly to the insole, without the use of an intermediate sole, thus creating a lightweight and flexible footwear.


This artisanal method demands skill and precision, with each pair of shoes handcrafted to ensure a perfect fit. “Sacchetto” construction shoes offer exceptional comfort and a 'barefoot' walking sensation, as well as outstanding durability thanks to their high-quality construction. They are the ideal choice for those seeking footwear that combines style, comfort, and impeccable craftsmanship.

According to the rules of the most authentic Italian shoemaking tradition, this manufacturing process involves up to two hundred steps that require great skill, experience, and expertise.

In Parabiago, this 'artisanal heritage' is deeply ingrained in the choice to create shoes that do not sacrifice lightness and flexibility while maintaining a superior design profile; a choice that cannot make compromises and relies on extreme expertise in material selection and craftsmanship, and, even before that, requires a careful vision in creating the model, following the grammar of this creative approach.

Sacchetto Working Method

Let's talk about Sacchetto Technique Shoes with Massimo Balbini, designer at Thierry Rabotin.

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Is the Sacchetto construction technique widely used? What unique features does it impart to shoes?
"It is a very uncommon technique because it is quite challenging. It involves eliminating any rigid, metallic, and heavy materials in a shoe, so the traditional insole of the shoe (on which the upper is mounted) doesn't exist and is replaced with one made of Poron® lining, an antibacterial material that efficiently absorbs the shock of walking. With this technological replacement in the name of lightness, softness, and flexibility, we have the ability to create shoes with these characteristics. Currently, we are among the very few brands that have chosen this construction philosophy.

What limits does this technology impose, and what freedoms does it enable?
"The limits - the downsides - are primarily concentrated in the startup phase, in organizing the necessary expertise. Once this hurdle is overcome, there is a corresponding maximum creative freedom, the greatest openness to all forms of experimentation and creation."

What are the major challenges in creating a shoe using the Sacchetto construction?
“To properly fit our very soft and lightweight shoes, intensive design work is required before the modeling and cutting stages. The shape must be specifically designed, built, and created for this type of construction. This is a lesson I received from Monsieur Rabotin many years ago, and it starts with a deep respect for the anatomy of a woman's foot. When I think about a shape for creating 'a sacchetto,' my focus is on the foot's conformation to provide maximum comfort in the fit, which is achievable through a combination of high-quality materials - naturally elasticized in their essence - and - our secret - the lining in incredibly soft blue nappa.

Sacchetto Working Method

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Which models is this technique applied to?

“There is virtually no limit to this construction method: we started by creating small slippers and then added very lightweight wedges, eventually arriving at shoes with highly complex and imposing structures. We have made simple sandals and some models with anatomical insoles to make walking in them even more comfortable.

Is there any particular model that has marked the history of Thierry Rabotin?

"There are several models that are true milestones of our maison, and they are all included in the Timeless Collection, created to update the best-selling models that have shaped our history. Of these, I believe the all-time best-selling model is Grace, a wonderful and always captivating slipper with three elastics on the vamp."

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