Mary Jane shoes: take a look at all Thierry Rabotin proposals

With a pair of Mary Jane shoes on your feet feeling feminine is super easy

The most amazing thing about shoes is that there’s a pair for every kind of mood. Sometimes it is nice to relax and wear your favourite sneakers, other times, instead, you feel like dressing smart and feminine is the right thing to do; in these cases, shoes are one of the accessories that helps us the most, making us feel pretty and “on point”. 

But what model is the absolute best when it comes to elegance and femininity? Most women agree that Mary Jane shoes are their go-to option. We’re talking about one of the great classics of the footwear industry, popular since the roaring ‘20s and still well-loved by women everywhere in the world. 

Mary Jane shoes are perfect for an elegant outing and also to feel stylish and put together at work. Thanks to their iconic front strap - their most known defining characteristic - walking with a pair of Mary Jane on your feet it’s easy, even if you choose a high-heeled model; this is why we are sure that there won’t be a time in which people will stop wearing them. 

Where to buy high-quality Mary Jane shoes: Thierry Rabotin proposals

Over the years, the designer brand Thierry Rabotin has treated the many lovers of Mary Jane shoes with a lot of reinterpretation of this evergreen. The Italian company is known for the creativity of its designers, a very important trait to have when you decide to include in a collection models as iconic as this one. 

If you go through our website, you’ll see many Mary Jane shoes, every single one of them different from the other for a series of fine details. This means that you can buy Mary Jane shoes for every occasion. Renata and Harma couldn’t be more different, for example. The first model is made for all those women who like to make bold choices - at least in the fashion department -, and the second one is perfect for those who prefer a more classic look. 

Don’t forget that all Mary Jane shoes by Thierry Rabotin are made using the best materials and techniques in the field. Visit our website to take a look at all the models we’ve created for you!