Meet the newest brand of Made in Italy sneakers: Fifty-12

Made in Italy sneakers

Thanks to Fifty-12, Made in Italy sneakers are now available 

Who told you that you can’t have the high-quality of a hand-made product even when you buy casual footwear? Thanks to companies such as Thierry Rabotin, today people who love to fill their closet with not just pretty but also comfortable and well-made things have the incredible opportunity to purchase Made in Italy sneakers by an excellence known everywhere in the world. 

If it’s true that in the most classy boutiques that dot the biggest cities around the world one can buy Italian dress shoes, Made in Italy sneakers are way harder to come by, or at least it was up until a few years ago. After Thierry Rabotin had launched the new brand Fifty-12, in fact, the casual footwear industry was taken by storm and now all shoe lovers cannot get enough of the original models in our collections. 

Such as their more elegant counterpart, our Made in Italy sneakers stand out both for their sophisticated design and their comfort. And that’s more, we can guarantee you that Fifty-12 shoes are the most comfortable pieces of footwear you will ever put on your feet, a slice of heaven that will follow you in all your endeavors from dusk till dawn. 

The best technology and an interesting design: here’s Fifty-12 Made in Italy sneakers best features

As you can well imagine, the features that make Fifty-12 Made in Italy sneakers the perfect purchase are plenty; that said, we can absolutely point out two that let them stand out in the market. First of all, our casual shoes are manufactured in our Italian firm by expert artisans that employ state-of-the-art techniques to achieve the one-of-a-kind level of comfort we’re known for. In particular, our sneakers come with a special “Slow Rebound” insole that helps reduce and cushion the impact on the feet and joints.

Moreover, Fifty-12 Made in Italy sneakers are appreciated for their interesting and unique design. Where else can you find sneakers that turn into sabots in the blink of an eye? Visit our online store to take a look at all the different models available.