Made in Italy dress shoes: Thierry Rabotin presents its high-end products

Thierry Rabotin and the secrets behind its made in Italy dress shoes

The internationally renowned fashion brand Thierry Rabotin is known - among other reasons - for its classy yet original made in Italy dress shoes. What makes our models stand out is the great care with which our designers and artisans alike handle their creation. There is no other company that tries so hard to improve its work and the overall quality of its products despite its already incredible success. 

One of the characteristics of Thierry Rabotin's production is something that is almost impossible to find in another so important company: the manufacturing processes are still entirely carried out in Italy. Nowadays, most Italian shoe brands have moved their factory outside the country, mainly in order to contain production costs. Thierry Rabotin, instead, thinks that nothing is more important than the quality guaranteed by Italian artisanal expertise, especially for a high-end brand. For this reason, all our made in Italy dress shoes come from our factory in Parabiago, a town a few kilometres from Milan.

Made in Italy dress shoes: how can Thierry Rabotin achieve such outstanding results?

Besides the undeniable importance of the skills of the artisans that work for our company, there are many other "secrets" to the international success of our made in Italy dress shoes. First of all, we would never be able to create products so perfect without the help of the best materials in the market

Made in Italy dress shoes are one of the most tricky footwear models for a shoemaking company to realise. All over the world, they are a symbol of elegance and style, with their clean and simple lines; such characteristics don't allow for even the smallest imperfection, so it's essential to consider every single detail when making them.

The use of high-quality materials such as Italian leather gives us the opportunity to provide the best possible products to our clients. When someone chooses to buy a pair of Thierry Rabotin's made in Italy dress shoes, they are investing in everything that makes our brand the global icon that it is and this includes local fine materials.

Moreover, the collaboration with some of the most well-recognised footwear personalities in the world allows Thierry Rabotin to provide its clients with products realised with cutting-edge technologies and manufacturers techniques. The company's primary goal is to offer made in Italy dress shoes that are comfortable, and for this reason, we try our best to come up with new and improved solutions with every collection. 

Thierry Rabotin's made in Italy dress shoes

Thierry Rabotin provides its global clientele with a wide choice of made in Italy dress shoes. Thanks to our designers' creativity, who decides to shop at our stores can choose between many options, one classier than the other. 

Each pair has some details that are able to make the most classic piece of footwear unique and original. Elegant yet easy to wear all day long, you'll soon discover that you've never tried on anything like Thierry Rabotin's made in Italy dress shoes.

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