Here’s Thierry Rabotin’s spin on the classic Italian Mary Jane shoes

Italian Mary Jane shoes: what a classic!

Every woman knows it: when you want to boost your femininity, there's nothing like turning to dear, old Mary Jane. Do you have any idea what we're talking about? No, Mary Jane is not a powerful influencer or the latest fashion guru but one of the most beloved types of shoes for ladies ever created of the 20th century. 

With their signature strap and soft lines, Mary Jane shoes have been the stalwart allies of women all around the world looking for an accessory to add a bit of glam and sex appeal to any outfit, even the simplest one. 

And if we can all agree that we're not ready to say goodbye to this evergreen, another thing we know for sure is that to earn even more "fashion icon points", one should always invest in Italian Mary Jane shoes

Why women are still in love with Italian Mary Jane shoes

It isn't that easy to explain why women like Italian Mary Jane shoes so much; after all, they are made of opposites. Mary Janes are both cute and sexy, childish and feminine, practical and yet cheekily designed, perfect on a young girl's feet and also for a mature woman to wear. 

At the end of the day, though, this is exactly what's at the core of their long-lasting success: whatever kind of woman you are, Italian Mary Jane shoes were made for you

Thierry Rabotin and the brand's designer Italian Mary Jane shoes

Over the past century or so, many have been the designers who decided to try their hand at creating Mary Jane shoes, with mixed results. Even though this kind of footwear has many souls, its simplicity allows designers to unleash their creativity, so you have to be very skilful if you don't want to alter their nature beyond recognition. 

If you're looking for high-end Italian Mary Jane shoes, you should take a look at Thierry Rabotin's online store; here, you can find many products whose main features are the iconic front strap and round lines. 

Thierry Rabotin has always been very careful at providing its customers with designer pieces that would last more than just one season. That's why many of the collections by the brand include Italian Mary Jane shoes. Moreover, this model is ideal for a company that strives to combine style and comfort. 

Is there anything classier than a pair of leather Mary Jane pumps with a 5 cm heel? Probably not; that's why every woman should have our model Harma in her closet. Another piece that one can use every day is Nando, a cute flat version of the classic Mary Jane.

However, Thierry Rabotin has also come up with some Italian Mary Jane shoes that are very original. One is Renata, with its purple leather and another the leopard-printed Ebe. And if you want something a little bit sexier, there's Ione, which features an 8 cm heel and an adjustable leather strap. 


Italian Mary Jane shoes


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