FIFTY-12, from Italy so unique and special


Our TR shoes are characterised by the colour of the lining, light blue, which - in the RAL chart is 50-12. This recognisability also inspired the naming of the first sneakers, which thus reflect one of the maison's colour essences.

The FIFTY-12 sneakers are conceived and made with materials of the highest quality and first choice, starting with the lining in light blue nappa leather, continuing with the uppers, the workmanship and design choices that aim for maximum comfort, thanks to a more "correct" fit than any shoe with a premium quality lining of natural origin and an insole in Poron®, a material with extraordinary characteristics. The insole is in fact able to absorb the shock of the impact of walking and attenuate it thanks to memory foam, a product that by its very nature is antibacterial and helps to maintain the shoe with very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.The natural origin of all other materials guarantees our sneakers to stand out from the rest.

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People that traditionally wears our TRs are also the same for whom we paid attention in creating the FIFTY-12 Sneakers, who - at the time of the first creation - we knew needed a more "sporty", casual shoe suitable for a walk in the park or in the city, for leisure.

A perfect sneaker - the one we aim for in our creations - must have an excellent fit, use natural and elastic materials that give the unique sensation of fitting every foot, and be simple and easy to wear and match.

Despite being a shoe that was created for leisure, we have seen the public in recent years free themselves a little from this concept, coming to accompany any time of day and outfit

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