Thierry Rabotin presents some of its classic shoes for ladies

Classic shoes for women

Thierry Rabotin has all the classic shoes for ladies you need

It is not all that easy finding classic shoes for ladies that are just as interesting as the ones with a more trendy style. Designers tend to focus their creative energy toward pieces that are most likely to grab the attention of both the public and the fashion world, neglecting more traditional models. Unfortunately, this is a disservice not only to all those people who can appreciate a good classic look, but also to the whole footwear industry. 

One high-end brand that never tires to include in its new collections classic shoes for ladies is Thierry Rabotin. The Italian company has always been known for the elegant and smart design of its products, characteristics that ladies from all over the world vastly appreciate and tend to look for when shopping for pieces of footwear. 

Moreover, classic shoes for ladies by Thierry Rabotin are extremely easy to wear even for extended periods of time. The reasons for this? No doubt, the patented techniques used to make them in our factory, still located in Italy, and the use of best-quality materials. 

Let’s take a look at some of best-selling Thierry Rabotin classic shoes for ladies

First of all we’d like to point out that “classic” by no means is a synonym for “boring”. In Thierry Rabotin’s collections there are always plenty of classic shoes for ladies that stand out for the way they are able to rethink tradition in a way that is appealing to all kinds of women. 

A great example of this is Abele, an elegant leather shoe with slingback design that would be perfect in everyone’s closet. Thanks to its interesting colour and even more so front detail, after looking at this model no one will have any complaints with classic shoes for ladies anymore.

Classic shoes for ladies

Other two recent classic shoes for ladies we are proud of are Calvi and Monica. They couldn’t be more different but both are the perfect match to all those women that love a smart, classic look in their footwear. 

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