Alongside CADMI, alongside Women

25 November, The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

CADMI Campaign

Thierry Rabotin is proud to support CADMI, an association that has been standing by women since its inception in 1986, helping them overcome all types of violence. It serves as a true point of reference and salvation for tens of thousands of cases. Starting this November, there is a commitment to an ongoing collaboration with the Association in support of its social objectives through tangible assistance, a donation, and the initiation of a joint journey with the common goal of a better future for countless women – free from all forms of violence – in a more aware and attentive society.

The choice to support CADMI is based on its history and the extensive experience it has built over the past 35 years alongside women. The organization's transparency, as it adheres to the Italian Donation Institute, which verifies its management processes and transparent use of collected funds, is also a factor. CADMI's careful and comprehensive vision of the concept of "violence" is noteworthy, extending beyond physical abuse to include less visible but equally severe forms such as psychological violence.

The Association is a place of listening, relationship, and support – the first anti-violence center in Italy since 1986. It has been a reference point for women experiencing physical, psychological, sexual, and economic violence. The organization's work has brought to light a previously submerged and underestimated phenomenon – violence within families by husbands, partners, boyfriends, and other relatives.

Their telephone support is active for emergencies and assistance requests, offering in-person consultations to identify potential danger and collaboratively develop individual paths for women seeking to escape violence. This includes accommodation and refuge at a secret location, as well as psychological, legal, and educational/professional support.

Since 1986, CADMI has listened to and welcomed over 36,000 women. Since 1991, it has housed over 800 women in refuge homes. In 2022 alone, they responded to 955 requests from women in distress, initiated or continued the violence exit project for 577 women, hosted 25 guests in secret homes, started 90 psychological paths, conducted 200 professional coaching sessions, provided 150 legal consultations, and engaged with 700 high school and university students and 1600 employees in companies and institutions as part of their training and prevention activities


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