Thierry Rabotin offers many new Italian summer sandals. Let’s talk about them.

italian summer sandals

Thierry Rabotin Italian summer sandals are known for their lightness and comfort

There is nothing like Italian summer sandals to look stylish and trendy when the days get hot. Owing high-quality footwear of this kind in your collection, in fact, means that you can still look great while wearing shoes that are gentle on your feet in a period in which they tend to suffer a lot. 

For example, Thierry Rabotin Italian summer sandals are made with the best materials, such as leather, Nappa leather, and suede, which provide great transpiration and prevent you from having swollen feet even if you stand and walk around all day long. That’s why you should never buy plastic shoes to wear during the hottest months of the year. 

Another characteristic of Thierry Rabotin Italian summer sandals that makes them perfect for this period is their sole, a real piece of art created in our factory. To make the micro sole we use the most advanced and innovative techniques in the footwear industry, which allow us to obtain a product that is mostly known for its lightness and comfort. 

Italian summer sandals: take a look at all Thierry Rabotin new models

In its Spring Summer 2022 collection, Thierry Rabotin has included many Italian summer sandals. This kind of shoes is so popular among our clientele that the designers that work for the high-end brand always come up with interesting models to offer to the thousands of people from all around the world that love our products. 

This year, one of our favourite is undoubtedly Parmenide, an elegant pair of Italian summer sandals that come in beautiful shades of blue. To create Parmenide we use a combination of leather, nappa, and suede, selected among the most high-quality ones in the market. 

Another great new entry is Bibiana. The first thing you notice when you look at these Italian summer sandals is the bright and energetic “sunshine yellow” of the upper, a perfect colour for the hottest months of the year and the holidays. 

Completely different are the Italian summer sandals Dean. This is a casual piece, made with the best synthetic leather available and provided with an extremely comfortable platform. 

italian summer sandals
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