Thierry Rabotin stands with small artisans: meet Cereria MaMì

Thierry Rabotin champions small businesses and local talents

As the history of the brand attest, Thierry Rabotin cares deeply about the area that has always been its home and the local talents that live in it; after all how many Italian shoe factories are still manufacturing their entire production in this beautiful country? Our keen interest in supporting artisans and small businesses, therefore, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

In order to renew our support to all those people who have decided to invest in their dreams and their passion no matter the challenges — and there are plenty small businesses have to face —  we’ve decided to dedicate the entire month of December to champion their bravery and ideas. We are artisans ourselves, so we completely understand the magic that comes from creating something by hand. 

Let’s talk about the incandescent creations by Cereria MaMì 

Today we’d like to focus on one of the most interesting small businesses we’ve met in quite some time: Cereria MaMì. The artisanal company creates elegant and sophisticated candles using exclusively sustainable and natural products such as soy, cotton, linen, hemp and wood, which makes Cereria MaMì even more worthy of our endorsement.

We at Thierry Rabotin like Cereria MaMì's collections so much that we’ve decided to team up with it and offer an incredible opportunity to all our clients: this December when you buy a pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes you’ll get a candle holder from the brand’s Vulcano series. This spectacular, handcrafted piece is inspired by the Roman god of fire and volcanoes and will ignite your nights with its ever-changing, molten reflections. 

Every detail of the Vulcano candle holder is handmade, from its inside lined with golden foil to the unique logo tag. Truly, we couldn’t imagine a more perfect gift for our beloved clientele!

Visit our website to know more about this partnership. 

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